The Fish Catalogue and the Insect Catalogue are two living books that can be found in The Tower.

Players can register Fish and Insects in their respective catalogues in return for items that can be used in incantations or be sold. Larger fish and insects will be rewarded with rarer items.

Fish Catalogue Edit

Fish Catalogue 1

The Fish Catalogue is a blue book bound with a red strap which is attached to a metal chain. The Fish Catalogue has a simple picture of a fish beneath it's one eye on the cover.

The Fish Catalogue has a friendly personality and will always be polite to players, thanking them for any fish catalogued and happily complying with any request.

Insect Catalogue Edit

Insect Catalogue
The Insect Catalogue is a green book bound with a purple strap which is attached to a metal chain. The Insect Catalogue has a basic picture of a butterfly on its cover, underneath it's single eye.

The Insect Catalogue has an antisocial personality, often making fed up remarks and acting rudely towards players. It will treat any request made by players as a nuisance but will occasionally show appreciation when a rarer insect is catalogued.

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