can be found growing throughout the town in Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry. The can grow anywhere grassy. Flowers are used in a number of Incantations such as the Declare Love Incantation and the Flower Rain Incantation.

There are four different types of flowers in Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry:

  • Marguerite
  • May Lily
  • Rose
  • Tulip

Each flower can be grown in yellow, red, and white.

Players can obtain flowers easily by picking them in the wild or by purchasing them at Daisy's Flowers. They can then be planted, sold at The Emporium, be used in incantations, or be given as gifts to Students. Seeds can also be purchased at Daisy's Flowers which will grow into flowers when planted.

Flowers will wilt if not watered regularly enough To keep flowers alive players must water them when they start to wither. Wilted flowers will return to full health the day after they have been watered.

Wondrous Flowers Edit

Wondrous Flowers are specially coloured flowers that can be grown by players by planting seeds in specific locations. There is a wondrous version of each flower. These wondrous flowers are:

  • Black Marguerite
  • Orange May Lily
  • Pink Rose
  • Blue Tulip

Players can find out how to grow each of these by talking to Daisy. Wondrous flowers can also be obtained by trading Fish and Insects to the Catalogues.

Wondrous flowers can be grown in the following locations:

Colour Seed Location
Black Marguerite Graveyard
Blue Tulip Cave
Orange May Lily Fungi Forest
Pink Rose Woods

Special Flowers Edit

Special Flowers are extremely rare flowers that can only be obtained by bringing the rarest fish and insects to the catalogues.

Special Flowers include:

  • Red Heartflower
  • Yellow Candyflower
  • Red Gemflower
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