Miss Strawe

Miss Strawe is the Incantation teacher at The School. She is an old sentient scarecrow who wears glasses and a wizard hat. 

During her lesson period, Miss Strawe can be found standing outside of The Classroom where players can ask to take her current class. She has a total of 22 different classes.

When she is not holding any classes, Miss Strawe can be found in the Teacher's Lounge. Here, players can approach her and request to see their incantation class report. Players may also ask Miss Straw to change the furniture in the classroom.Players can change the floor, wallpaper, tables, and chairs in the classroom this way.

During May, Miss Straw will hold Tea Parties in The Plaza . Players can have tea parties with Miss Straw several times per day, players can then ask her to evaluate their tea party skills. In the weeks coming up to May, Miss Straw will make announcements in class suggesting that students practice their tea party skills with friends in preparation.

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