Sky Fish
A Sky Fish is a type of creature found in Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry that is classified as an Insect. Sky Fish can only be caught during Mystery Time.

Sky Fish are large creatures that can be caught at The Beach or at Lovers Point.

Sky Fish are very fast moving and can be difficult to catch. Before coming within a players reach, a Sky Fish will be seen flying in the sky from left to right across the top screen, letting out a whistle as it does. Players will then have plenty of time to prepare themselves for it's coming within reach before it flies quickly from right to left across the bottom screen.

If a player misses a Sky Fish while it is within reach, it will continue flying across the screen at a speed that can not be matched by the player, so they will have to wait for the process to repeat and for the Sky Fish to appear on the bottom screen again.

It's Catalogue description reads:

"Sky fish fly at incredible speeds"
Mr. Graves decribes sky fish in an Extracurricular Lesson, saying the following:

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